Seja você em ação! - Being Yourself in Action!

‘Be yourself in action!’ is a collective dynamic to reconnect with your inner wisdom and discover ways to put it into action here and now: an opportunity for you to access your inner sense of purpose and translate it into a short term engagement.

In this webinar, you will: connect with your ancestry heritage; find ways to access collective intelligence; get to know unseen opportunities to engage in transition; spread seeds of collaboration in concrete calls for actions in the near future from wherever you are.

Do you feel a sense of purpose but you are not sure what to do about it? Do you desire to engage in a community of practice but don't know where to find it? Do you ask yourself about what legacy you are leaving for future generations? Then I am sure this webinar may help you to be yourself in action!

Join us for this free online workshop where you can learn how to Be Yourself in Action.

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Find a short video and text description of the practice on the Practising Transition website.

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