Human-Nature conversations

What would happen if non-human living beings could have a seat at decision making tables? If you want to have a taste of what this could look like, this webinar could be a good opportunity to practice and reflect together.

When, as human beings, we make a decision that also impacts on non-human living beings, involving these types of actors in the decision-making process, just as we do with the various human stakeholders, could make a difference in the results that are achieved. But we need a way to get in touch with and listen to beings with whom we have little connection with, at least in the culture associated with the paradigm of infinite economic growth.

In this webinar we want to explore and propose ways to do this with shared reflections and group activities, you will be able to practice different ways to enlarge our human perspective to include non-human worlds.

Join us for this free online workshop to explore Human- Nature conversations!

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Find a short video and text description of the practice on the Practising Transition website.

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